My Story - Past fleur

This is the story of how Idiscovered the principles which I am now living by and sharing with my clients.

I was raised by my mother, Asha - a spiritual teacher, in alternative communities in California and Washington. I have a masters degree in art therapy and counseling and work experience in healthcare, education (teaching both secondary and university) and social services.

In 1999 I discovered the profession of coaching. I trained with The Coaches Training Institute, became certified as a CPCC and started our own private coaching practices. In addition to being inspired by the profession of coaching, I saw how the empowering principles of relationship which are the foundation for Co-active Coaching could enhance intimate relationships. This inspiration fed a dream which I had nurtured for many years - my dream of spiritual partnership.

boulderFor years before I met Clive, I had been consciously inviting a spiritual partner into my life. I developed a personalized process for myself which engaged creativity and imagination. From this place of vision, I asked for a partner to walk a spiritual path with me. I knew the moment that I met Clive in 2003 that he was the one.

archesWe connected with one another in a timeless mythic realm (our Kingdom) which has been an ongoing source of inspiration for our relationship. Since then, we have been challenged and thrilled by our dance together. It has not all been easy (what relationship is?), and we continue to learn and grow as we share this spiritual path of relationship together.

Today we live in a beautiful home on the Lopez Island in the Puget Sound (where I grew up) with our wonderful daughters, Nonie and Sophie.

barbara and abThe focus of my coaching is empowering women through Polarity work. I have co-presented with renowned visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, and lead women’s groups (from ages 13 to 60). I am currently writing a book on the subject of The Sacred Marriage with my fabulous friend and colleague, Amy Sui.

I am starting to share what I have learned by integrating the principles of polarity coaching with the different spiritual backgrounds we bring to our relationship.

We are creating a magical life together and inspiring other couples to do the same. We invite you to join us.