golden eggsDream Hatching is a 7-step process based on the Principles of Co-Enlightenment. I developed this process over seven years of consciously co-creating with my husband, Clive. I am delighted to be sharing it with others! The outline steps of this potterprocess are:

1. Access the unconscious intentions for your life through creative exploration.

2. Understand your relationship to the masculine and feminine energies using Symbolic Art techniques.

3. Discover your Signature Strengths - your particular brand of brilliance, the ways you generate success.horseback

4. Articulate your Heart’s Dream - a vision of the highest potential of your whole self realized.

5. Plot a potential path through time from your current reality to your Heart’s Dream realized. We call this your Story Board.

6. Set goals and make commitments to keep yourself moving on the track identified in your Story Board.

sunset couple7. Regularly refine and recommit to your Heart’s Dream and Story Board through periodic Vision Retreats.