I am Abigail Prout, an Intentional Relationship Coach.Ab and Clive

I work with spiritually aware women who want to realize their highest potential through exploring masculine/feminine balance - "Co-enlightenment".

roseUsing a unique coaching process called Dream Hatching, I can help you build the skills that lead to a more intimate and powerful life.

Specifically my coaching can guide you to:

  • Clarify what you truly desire
  • Improve your ability to consciously co-create your future utilizing the Law of Attraction
  • Identify you "Heart's Dream"
  • Understand how the dynamic polarity of Masculine and Feminine plays out within you and in your world
  • Design your life roles around your "Signature Strengths" and polarity
  • Communicate more compassionately and clearly kiss
  • Express yourself more creatively
  • A more trusting, loving partnership!

Please explore my site. If you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you.